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Baker's Buddy

Baker's Buddy®

Baker's Buddy®

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The Baker's Buddy is an essential kitchen tool for anyone who bakes with loose-bottomed baking tins. Whether you're young or old, beginner or pro - the Baker's Buddy helps to prevent accidents and burns when removing hot baking.

- Wipe clean

- Naturally heatproof

- Easy to assemble in three simple steps

- Made from responsibly sourced wood

- Two plate sizes for use with loose-bottomed tins of 12cm diameter and above

- Bevelled edges and ergonomically designed column for easy handling

- Laser-etched logo

- Presented in a beautifully illustrated box, making it ideal as a gift


Why use a Baker's Buddy?

- The Baker's Buddy has two plate sizes which provide larger surface areas to hold your baking still, in comparison to a tin of beans or other makeshift objects often used by bakers. The Baker's Buddy provides much more stability and is heatproof, helping to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

- The Baker's Buddy works with all loose-bottomed tins including springform. When using springform tins, you still face the same risk of your baking toppling, burning or sticking to the sides of the tin. The Baker's Buddy helps to prevent these.

- The Baker's Buddy is currently enjoyed by children learning to bake, bakers who struggle with mobility, as well as both casual and professional bakers who like to save time and get great results with every creation.

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