the #1 solution to removing your baking from loose-bottomed tins, safely

Removing your baking from hot, loose-bottomed tins is never easy. Ever dropped that scrumptious cake or perfect pie? Or burnt yourself as the outer ring slides down your wrist?

We feel your pain and present to you the solution: the Baker's Buddy!

Providing you with that extra hand when you need it most, simply place your loose-bottomed tin on top of the Baker's Buddy and slide the outer ring down the column.

Simple and safe baking with no more disasters!

no burns ✗ no mess ✗ great baking ✓

people are raving!

  • leah newton

    The extra clearance between the top plate and the baking tin makes it so easy for me to get my oven gloves under the cake without risking dents! This is very important in my job, especially for custom-made cakes.

  • james headley

    I will never reach for a can of beans again... Trying to get my baking out of the tin has ruined my cakes too many times to count but this little tool works!

  • emily moore

    Great for all the family. I bought one for my kids (5 and 9) to use to make baking safer for them while still letting them learn independently. Seeing how easy it is to use, I gave it a go and I'm a convert.

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